Yes, a yearly experience of the futile war, WW2, a dream of the merciless Adolf Hitler to rid the country of Judaism and Communism, in a poetic form. Here comes…

Ah, that battle from 1939 to 1945,

With the Axis against the Allies,

With the UK as the Allies’ life,

And Germany the flame of the Allies’ despise.


Adolf Hitler led his German crew,

To kill that which stood in his way,

Against that poor unlucky Jew,

And disturb that lone Communist’s day.


Oh, that good old folk Winston Churchill, the British minister,

And of course Franklin Roosevelt, dubbed and truly The Boss,

And not to forget Joseph Stalin of the great Soviet Union, a dictator sinister,

And Charles de Gaulle of the French Poilu, who never suffered a single loss.


And later who this great war did win,

Were the Allies formed against the mad Hitler,

Those supporting life and zing,

And forcing to suicide commit, the merciless killer.


It was on the first of September,

When this Great War did begin,

In the year of 1939, the members,

Of Nazi Germany invaded Poland in.


In the next year in the forties span,

The German Blitzkrieg, Belgium, Holland and France did conquer in,

But poor Hitler was forced to postpone his invasion plan,

After losing to Britain the decisive Battle of Britain.


The third year was the gruesome fate,

Leaving Germany open to a two-front war,

For they failed an invasion to the Soviet Union’s state,

And suffered the Allied invasion, the Battle of Normandy, bloodshed galore.


In the unfortunate for Axis year, 1942, a dip,

The Axis saw, in their fortune, a decline steady,

For the Battle of Midway destroyed hopes of Japanese Indonesian trip,

A turning point in the Pacific War, Allies ready.


In 1943, now came the Allies rise in performance,

In North Africa, the Allies against the Axis were took the crown,

And in July of the year, they took a stance,

And brought the Italian government of Mussolini tumbling down.


In 1944, came a great Northern France Allied Invasion,

For brought into action was D-Day,

Also known as Operation Overlord, a mighty military expedition,

In history, the largest seaborne invasion ever made.


In 1945 came the end of this war, with the Allies overpowering Germany,

But not without the complete destruction of Japan,

With two American Nuclear Bombs on the surface of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,

Radiation for years to come, death of man.  


The UN did try their best, but lost,

The world to restore to normal health,

They all knew, the war had everything cost,

After a great battle against world control and death.

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