A true experience reliving a unique moment of a dog snapping at an injured jerky bat, in the end only to fall at the teeth of the murderer. Here comes…

Lying in bed tonight at eleven,

I thought about the event that had happened today at seven.


This evening when I took my dog for a walk,

There was a man who started a little talk.


But in the midst I heard an angry growl,

And next I saw an animal crouching, clearly on the prowl.


There was on the road a shark’s black fin,

Except it was neither a shark nor its kin.


The black thing that flopped around on the ground,

Was actually an injured bat; that a dog had found.


It clenched it in its jaws,

And flung it away; for a dog – no homicide laws.


The flightless bat squealed in strife,

As the dog bit its head and ended its life.


Before my eyes, the dog ate the body of the poor dead,

The crunching sounds of its bones still chiming in my head.

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